Nominations of products 2013

In 2013 the media evaluated the latest products of MÁDARA, as well as products that are in the proposal for a long time.


The beauty of women and jewellery… this is why there was such a special mood around. I was honoured to participate at FREYWILLE Christmas event ...

MADARA Festive Set 2013

MADARA Festive Set 2013 – revealing new products and the treasures of nature in each and every one of us.

TIME MIRACLE line has a new face

Today, the brand MÁDARA has chosen Una Gavare as the new face for the anti-aging product line and the standard of beauty, approving of her natural, mature and powerful beauty and Nordic character.

Silicone-free serum with proven efficiency

When evaluating skin aging factors, the MÁDARA team was eager to create a serum with sensor features equivalent to those of silicone, yet a natural and safe one.

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