TIME MIRACLE line has a new face

Today, the brand MÁDARA has chosen Una Gavare as the new face for the anti-aging product line and the standard of beauty, approving of her natural, mature and powerful beauty and Nordic character.

Silicone-free serum with proven efficiency

When evaluating skin aging factors, the MÁDARA team was eager to create a serum with sensor features equivalent to those of silicone, yet a natural and safe one.

Improved formula Galium7(G7)

The formula of the cell rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle complex Galium7 (G7), which is included in the composition of the TIME MIRACLE serum, has been supplemented with the active substances of bilberries and barley sprouts.

New serum with scientifically proven effectiveness

MÁDARA is releasing a new anti-aging product with a concentrated effect – TIME MIRACLE SERUM. The essence of the MÁDARA TIME MIRACLE product line.

DD cream was born in Northern Europe

The founder of MADARA brand Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere reveals that it is no surprise that DD cream was born in Northern Europe.

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