Sphagnum Magellanicum (Moss) Extract

Mosses are of the most important plant genera in the world -it covers more of the world’s land surface than any other single plant genus.  Sphagnum moss are the ultimate water tank and moisture reservoir: they are able to hold 20 or 30 times their own weight in water. Sphagnum moss mainly owes its great water-holding capacity to a special type of leaf cells, so-called hyaline cells. Hyaline cells are large, colourless and dead cells which make up about 80 % of the plants’ volume. They serve as huge water reservoirs to sustain plants vegetation processes. Applied on the skin sphagnum moss provides intense hydration effects.

Found In
  1. Smart Anti-Müdigkeits-Creme Urban Moisture

    Für trockene und sehr trockene Haut

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  2. Smart Anti-Müdigkeits-Fluid Urban Moisture

    Für normale und Mischhaut

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  3. Smart Anti-Müdigkeits-Augencreme

    Spendet Feuchtigkeit, beseitigt Anzeichen von Müdigkeit

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  4. Smart Anti-Pollution Regenerierende Maske

    Reinigt Poren, beugt den Anzeichen von Alterung vor

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