Thymus Vulgaris Flower/Leaf Oil
Thyme is a herb used for therapeutic, aromatic and gastronomic purposes due to its richness in active substances, such as carvacrol. Neuro-research data suggests that carvacrol is a brain-active molecule that clearly influences neuron activity through the modulation of neurotransmitters. When used for seven consecutive days, it was able to increase dopamine and serotonin (happiness hormones) levels. Evidence shows that, if regularly administered in low concentrations, it stimulates feelings of well-being.
Found In
  1. Infusion Blanc Feuchtigkeitsspendende körperlotion

    Leichte Formulierung, intensive Feuchtigkeitspflege.

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  2. Infusion Vert Körpercreme mit antioxidantien

    Reichhaltige Pflege und dauerhafter Schutz.

    Reichhaltige Pflege und dauerhafter Schutz
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    Infusion Vert Körpercreme mit antioxidantien
    11,90 € 17,00 €
  3. Infustion Vert Mehrschichtige handcreme

    Nährt und stärkt trockene Hände und Nägel.

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    Infusion Vert Mehrschichtige handcreme
    9,35 € 11,00 €