Alteromonas Ferment Extract

Alteromonas Ferment Extract is a unique, pure and natural ExoPolySaccharide (EPS) produced by marine plankton. It is mainly composed of sugars. It has an instant tightening effect on the collagen fibre network as well as immediate anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects.

  1. Ultimate facelift day cream

    Näokontuuri pinguldav päevakreem 

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  2. Time Miracle Cellular Serum

    Tõhus vananemisvastane kontsentraat

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    Time Miracle Cellular Serum
    48,50 €
  3. Collagen Firming Cream

    Niisutab, stimuleerib kollageeni sünteesi

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  4. Derma Collagen Hydra-Fill Firming Serum

    Stimuleerib kollageeni tootmist, sügavpinguldav

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