Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline
Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline is a plant-derived amino acid. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, intensively hydrates and makes the skin firmer, slows down the formation of wrinkles.
  1. Age defence day cream

    Vananemisvastane päevakreem

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    Time Miracle Age Defence Day Cream
    46,50 €
  2. Total Renewal night cream

    Vananemisvastane öökreem

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  3. Time Miracle Cellular Serum

    Tõhus vananemisvastane kontsentraat

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    Time Miracle Cellular Serum
    48,50 €
  4. Wrinke resist eye cream

    Pringim silmaümbrusnahk

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    Time Miracle Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream
    33,90 €
  5. RE:GENE  Optic Lift Eye Serum


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    RE:GENE Optic Lift Eye Serum
    37,95 €
  6. Smart Antioxidants Eye Cream

    Niisutab, vähendab tumedaid silmaaluseid ja turseid

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    Smart Anti-Fatigue Eye Rescue Cream
    33,90 €