Dracocephalum Ruyschiana (Dragonhead) Cell Culture Extract

In vitro testing elucidates that northern dragonhead stem cells provide powerful counter-effects to sun damage – they scavenge free radicals, reduce pigmentation spot formation and boost collagen  production. This is why it became one of the most important and potent ingredients in our sun protection range.

  1. natural certified spf50 sunscreen

    UVA/UVB kaitse näole, kaelale ja dekolteele

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  2. Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30

    Looduslik päikesekaitsekreem kehale, kätele ja näole

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    Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30 for body
    21,00 €
  3. Plant stem cell age-defying face sunscreen SPF30

    Looduslik vananemisvastane päikesekaitsekreem näole 

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  4. Dragonhead

    Naha kollageenimaatriks, pigmentatsioon, vananev nahk

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