Sapropel Mud

Mud is a unique natural substance with unparalleled nutrient composition and pharmacological effects. Mud consists of 100% natural sapropel, which is an organogenic sedimentary rock that is formed in the bed of the lake in anaerobic conditions, as a result of biodegradation of aquatic plants over thousands of years. Mud used in MADARA products is obtained from a forest lake located in a nature park in Latgale, Latvia. It is approximately 4000 years old and is extracted from 7-9 metres in depth. 

Sapropelic mud's main ingredient is organic matter with a high degree of dispersion - 55 to 95% (on dry matter). A very high quality sapropel is considered to be sapropel, where the organic matter is more than 85%. Saprogel sapropel's organic matter content is above 90%.

Sapropelic mud is a complex system, it consists of water, minerals, organic matter, gases, micro-organisms and it contains dissolved organic matter, minerals, gas and microorganisms. Mud fluid also contains cations such as calcium, magnesium, ammonium, etc. ions and hydrogen-anions, chloride, sulphate ions. Saprogel is full of microelements - copper, barium, manganese, etc., and gas-carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, etc. 

The most important and most complex part of sapropel mud is its colloidal complex with a high degree of dispersion containing biologically active ingredients - humic acids, fulvic acid, lipids, hormones and enzymes, as well as a wide range of vitamins - carotene (vitamin A provitamin), D, B, B2, B12, folic acid and others. 
Mud has a wide range of pharmacological applications and many cosmetic benefits: sapropel prevents and corrects the signs of ageing, promotes skin regeneration, helps to regulate the water-oil balance of the skin, helps to eliminate blackheads and impurities, increases the protective abilities of the outer layer of the skin. Mud has good antibacterial properties. It chemically binds to and eliminates toxins, heavy metals. Products with mud are beneficial for those with impure skin prone to blemishes, mature skin, dull skin, combination and oily skin. To clean and detox skin, products with mud are recommended for individuals who live in an urban environment, often associated with air pollution. 


  1. SMART Anti-Pollution Charcoal&Mud Repair Mask

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    Smart Anti-Pollution Repair Mask
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  2. Ultra purifying mud mask

    Mudamask, mis puhastab poore ning taaselustab nahka

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    Ultra purifying mud mask
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