Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover) Flower Extract

Red clover extract is obtained from the flowers of Trifolium pratense. Red clover extract contains phytoestrogens that facilitate the formation of collagen fibres in the skin, thus making it more firm and elastic. Contains polysaccharides that improve skin moisture. The extract is incorporated into MÁDARA's proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX which directly targets collagen formation, supports lifting, regenerates the skin and protects against free radical damage.


  1. Isoflavone Phytohormone Concentrate

    Peenemad ja sügavad kortsud, vananev nahk

    Rohkem detaile
  2. Age defence day cream

    Vananemisvastane päevakreem

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    Time Miracle Age Defence Day Cream
    46,50 €
  3. Total Renewal night cream

    Vananemisvastane öökreem

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  4. Ultimate facelift day cream

    Näokontuuri pinguldav päevakreem 

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  5. Time Miracle Cellular Serum

    Tõhus vananemisvastane kontsentraat

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    Time Miracle Cellular Serum
    48,50 €
  6. Wrinke resist eye cream

    Pringim silmaümbrusnahk

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    Time Miracle Wrinkle Resist Eye Cream
    33,90 €
  7. RE:GENE  Optic Lift Eye Serum


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    RE:GENE Optic Lift Eye Serum
    37,95 €
  8. Re:Gene Volume Rebuild Lifting Mask

    Taastab prinkuse ja näokontuuri V-kuju

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    Re:Gene Volume Rebuild Lifting Mask
    39,00 €
  9. SOS Eye Cream & Mask

    Kosutab stressis silmaümbrusnahka

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    SOS Eye Cream & Mask
    32,95 €
  10. Deep moisture fluid

    Kerge ning kiiresti imenduva koostisega sügavniisutav emulsioon

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    Deep moisture fluid
    29,00 €
  11. FAKE IT Natural Look Self Tan Milk

    Ühtlane, järkjärguline päevitus

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    FAKE IT Natural Look Self Tan Milk
    30,00 €