Natural ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Derived from grains (wheat and rye) as a result of fermentation of sugars. Ethyl alcohol is a colourless, evaporating fluid that has a light odour. Alcohol is used as a natural and safe preservative for cosmetic products, as well as a dissolvent for various active ingredients. According to LD50 RBT dermal test results Alcohol is a considerably milder preservative than butylparaben, phenoxyethanol, organic acids and benzyl alcohol.

Found In
  1. Smart Antioxidants fine line minimising day fluid
    For normal to combination skin Learn More
  2. Soothing deodorant
    Aluminium free, hydrating formula Learn More
    Soothing deodorant
  3. SOS HYDRA Recharge cream

    Hydrates, replenishes and calms dehydrated and stressed skin.

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    SOS HYDRA Recharge cream
  4. SOS HYDRA mask Moisture+Radiance
    Scientifically proven to rehydrate the skin. Learn More
  5. Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk scrub

    Gently cleanses, softens and renews the skin.

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    Exfoliating Oil-To-Milk scrub
  6. Time Miracle Cellular Nutrients toning mist

    Helps to maintain moisture and firmness

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  7. Moon Flower Rose beige - tinting fluid
    Hydrates and illuminates Learn More
  8. Sun Flower Golden beige - tinting fluid
    Hydrates and illuminates Learn More
  9. Daily Defence cream
    Ultra rich balm for skin protection. Learn More
    Daily Defence cream
  10. Deep moisture fluid
    Lightweight texture, intense hydration Learn More
    Deep moisture fluid
  11. Eye contour cream
    Combats puffiness and dark circles Learn More
    Eye contour cream
  12. Deep moisture cream
    Rich and nourishing hydration. Learn More
    Deep moisture cream
  13. Regenerating night cream
    Rich texture, overnight renewal Learn More
    Regenerating night cream
  14. Deep moisture gel
    Oil free, deep hydration Learn More
    Deep moisture gel
  15. Purifying foam

    Deep cleansing, removes make-up

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    Purifying foam
  16. Clarifying toner
    Minimises pores and prevents blemishes Learn More
    Clarifying toner
  17. Herbal deodorant
    Quick-drying formula, all day protection Learn More
    Herbal deodorant
  18. Anti-cellulite cream
    Delivers smoother skin in 4 weeks Learn More
    Anti-cellulite cream
  19. Cloudberry & Oat hydrating lotion
    Soft hydration for tender and delicate skin. Learn More
  20. INFINITY Mist Probiotic essence

    Replenishes hydration, comfort and protection

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  21. INFINITY Drops Immuno-serum

    Improves the skin’s overall condition, texture and looks

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    INFINITY Drops Immuno-serum