We all try to be perfect. We all get so worried about being pretty. But thanks God we fail. You see, it's chaos that makes life so interesting. Yes, it may not be so glamorous, but… Life isn’t supposed to look nice; it’s supposed to make you grow, learn and feel something. Feel alive.

No matter how beautiful it may seem in stories and pictures, there is always something in between that keeps us grounded and helps stay humble. There are lot of unexpected surprises and difficulties when you wake up to not live like yesterday and go and search for new things. You earn every magical moment that comes in your way. And sometimes even pay for them with looking stupid or getting new scars.

There were some not so photogenic or romantic moments during our trip, but they definitely made this trip real. And made us appreciate every second being on the beautiful side.

We convinced this Swedish man to fix our water pump. We helped him. And we drank some coffee meanwhile.

@jaija's birthday cake was enjoyed while driving.

Oko the Labrador had his own daily ritual; sometimes even four hand massage to be dry and clean inside the campervan.

There were moments when relaxed and happy face expression was not an option. Read our feelings in the faces.

It feels as it looks. For some of us (me) getting out of the wet wetsuit was the most challenging task of the day. Powernap was needed afterwards but not always provided and allowed.

We ate instant noodles. Once, but we did. We mixed them with leftovers and made a soup. That’s how hungry we were after falling hundred times into the Norwegian sea and still calling it surfing and coming out happy.

No wonder I screamed after finally standing up and enjoying my first wave it till the shore. As you can see, it took me 2 days of ballet to finally get there!

Well… And the long story short is that Oko The Labrador became famous in Hoddevik village because of his friendship with sheep. Even though local shepherds thought different and told us that he can stress them till death. It didn’t happen, but I want to use this opportunity and apologize to all the sheep out there. Forgive our wild souls.

This is how you return from hike with pants taken down by Mr. Waterfall and wounded knees superglued by doctor @jaija. Read my face to find out more about my feelings.

We where very happy to travel around with our beloved campervan. It gave us opportunity be close to the nature but still hide from rough Northern wilderness, when it’s needed. And the best way how to treat ourselves after returning back in warmth and getting out of dripping wetsuit was cup of warm tea and moisturising SOS serum for wind kissed cheeks.

So, what needs to be done needs to be done. Forget big trucks passing by and enjoy your slow morning and waterfall rituals with @madaracosmetics masks.

Breakfast dishes made in ice-cold glacier lake and dried by northern wind. Yup, we work hand by hand with nature!

No big deal… just @jaija lying down in the cemetery to take a good angle of oldest church in Norway.

And fixing campervan while driving? Yes, we can. Even with a butter knife.

In the country where there is greater population of sheep than human you are in your own and your friends hands. There you can see @livijswonders wounds been fixed by doctor @jaija with little help of superglue. And, of course, guacamole made meanwhile.

So, no matter how beautiful everything seems in stories and pictures, it’s a blessing to experience something that keeps you grounded and helps stay humble. You earn every magical moment that comes your way. And sometimes pay for this looking stupid or getting new scars. But all that is perfectly fine, for it creates YOU, in the end.

Have fun!