Travelling is hardly a leisure that you could call nature-friendly or sustainable. Plane emissions, one plastic cup of coffee after another and daily room service are just few of the small things that sums up the carbon footprint of your sweet vacation. Thankfully, there are few changes you can make to wander around the world as a conscious human being.
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Sometimes when you look up in the sky, you can see numerous white trails left by planes, but that is just a tiny insight of how busy the air traffic actually is. Air quality is the leading environmental threat to public health as listed by the 2018 Environmental Performance Index. That`s why you must plan your flight by flying direct when possible or choosing a carrier that uses eco-friendly aviation biofuel. When possible, go with a train as it generates up to 10 times less carbon emissions than plane.



As millenials gain more spending power and change the trends that drive travel industry, hotels are becoming more and more sustainable – and that doesn`t mean sacrificing the comfort or luxury. Of course, numerous hotels sway their greenness flag that might confuse you (greenwashing alert!) so you must estimate the priorities. Book the one thas has effective waste treatment, recycles and is energy efficient.

Don`t forget to be a mindful guest. Turn off the lights and conditioner when you leave your suite, prefer shower not bath, avoid the room service, use your towels as long as possible without washing and take the half-used hotel toiletries with you afterwards.



For an authentic experience plus zero damage to environment do like locals and choose public transportation. Take a bike or walking tour instead of choosing a motorized vehicle. That`s the best way how you can get to know the local people, find hidden treasure spots like great restaurants loved by locals, wander away from the tourist-crowded trails and discover places you won`t see in travel guides.



Airports are the ulltimate heaven of plastic waste. Skip the plastic coffee cups and water bottles, bring your own with you instead. Say big no to plastic bags and take your fashionable product bag with you while shopping.



Don`t take the nasty ingredients with you on the trip! As it is known, chemical sunscreens with dangerous ingredients like oxybenzone can cause coral bleaching and do damage to your health. Take good care of the marine ecosystem and your own wellbeing by choosing a sunscreen with natural filters, like MÁDARA Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30.



Leave the place better than you discovered it. Even the small steps count! Buy an ethically produced bracelet from a local artisan, donate to a charity, sign up to do voluntary work, eat at local restaurants and buy organic, locally grown food. And pay attention to souvenirs – don`t buy things made from animal body parts, shells, ivory or corals.