They say that alone one can go faster, but together definitely get further. After these two weeks side by side we can only agree with that.

Each of us has both strengths and weaknesses, things we do and know better and sometimes even best. But when women share their knowledge and help each other, then great things happen.

After teaching each other how to drive the campervan, after navigating others on the map, after catching the same wave, after giving to taste new recipes, after understanding each other and learning patience and acceptance, was our turn to learn how to climb the Northern mountains. Together.

As from the bottom you can’t understand distances and heights till the top of the mountain, you can’t understand your own endurance either. We left Northern paradise beach in Hoddevik with tears in our eyes and warm feelings in our hearts to accept the challenge and discover our true strength. We gave ourselves in the hands of Zanda to follow her in two beautiful hikes.

First one was warming up for the second one. We decided to see where the river starts and climbed up to the glacier. It took us only few hours to reach the top, but made us proud. If not so much with ourselves then a lot with Oko the Labrador. Where we could climb with help of ropes he was depending only on his paw and nail strength. We saw him climbing up stonewalls, crossing the river and standing still while ice-cold wind was shaking his ears. We felt like conquerors. “Conquerors of the useless, that’s what we were.”

Climbing up the famous Trolltunga for 9 hours proved that it’s all about finding people who are your kind of crazy.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many boys and girls out there who would be ready to do that just like that. If you know some, keep them close and never let them go. We felt so rich to have each other.

During these long hours of walk more than your physical ability you can discover your emotional strength. Some people need to go to India and be silent for 10 days; some people need to climb 11 km up to the mountain to restart themselves.

We may return back home with wounded knees, with new blisters and blue hips. We may have red cheeks from sun and messy hair from wind. But we definitely are coming back home more beautiful and self-confident. And in a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

Truly rebel,

Photo credit: Aija Morica