There is something that makes us believe. There is something that doesn’t let us be still. There is something that makes us run free. With bare feet, messy hair and red cheeks. And we feel like at home in our own skin. In skin, that keeps the memories, tells the stories and shows our deeper secrets. Yes, we fall and fail. Quite often we crawl. But honestly… there is a possibility that we are willing to be uncomfortable so one day we could feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

We open ourselves. We love till we love. And we show up for this world. We are wonder women. We wonder a lot… mostly about and in the nature.

As much as we have in common we are different. Each of us did turn this picture to other direction. Maybe, each of us even would go to other direction. But we know that together we can go further.


@zandazarina goes with the wind deep in the sea or high in the mountains. If she is not going after her kite in the Baltic sea, she grabs her backpack and goes around the world. Climbing from Bolivia to Nepal, or kiteboarding from Vietnam to Cuba.


@jaija drinks ocean for the breakfast and kisses sand for the dessert. Sea is her church and surfboard is her altar. And she has that special gift not only to collect the moments in her heart, but also to capture them in beautiful pictures.


@sibillabille is most happy on the road. Maybe it’s in her family blood; maybe she just gets high from the energy she creates in constant move in the car, on the longboard, wakeboard or surf. So high, that she can’t come and won’t come down.


And me, @livijswonders… I’m just happy to call them my friends. It’s a very big treasure to have someone who is ready to sleep with you under the pine tree and listen, how mushrooms are popping out of the moss.

Today we go further up to the North. Together. And we don’t call it a dream, we call it a life.

With love,

Photo credit: Aija Morica