Natural caffeine, derived from coffee beans. Promotes splitting of fat cells, activates cell metabolism. Caffeine is used in cosmetics to combat uneven distribution of fat cells that lead to bumpy skin, known as cellulite or “orange peel”.

Found In
  1. Shape Caffeine-Maté Cellulite Cream

    Hydrates, firms and tones

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  2. Smart Anti-Fatigue Urban Moisture Cream

    For dry to very dry skin

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  3. Smart Anti-Fatigue Urban Moisture Fluid

    For normal and combination skin

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  4. Caffeine Concentrate

    Puffiness, dark circles

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  5. fix grow booster

    Reinforces, shapes and fixes

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  6. Grow Volume Shampoo

    Reactivates scalp, purifies and volumises hair

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    Grow Volume Shampoo
  7. Grow Volume Conditioner

    Tames frizz, prevents split ends

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    Grow Volume Conditioner
  8. 3 Min Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment

    Promotes hair growth, boosts volume

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  9. Anti-cellulite cream
    Delivers smoother skin in 4 weeks Learn More
    Anti-cellulite cream