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Cleansing milk

200 ml

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Mild and velvety cleansing milk for all skin types – especially for dry, sensitive, mature and tired skin. Besides the soothing jasmine extract, the updated formula also features an innovative complex of 100% natural oils that facilitate the makeup removal and provide a super-smooth feel allowing your skin to breathe. 

•    Outstanding pigment solubilizing properties that ease the makeup removal.
•    Gently, yet effectively removes all makeup – even waterproof.
•    Soothes and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and clean.
•    Boosts the performance of subsequently used moisturizers.
•    Non-irritating. Suitable for using in the eye area.
•    Velvety texture and intoxicating aroma for a truly luxurious sensorial experience. 

Apply with a cotton pad. Use just a small amount of cleansing milk to remove makeup and cleanse your skin from all impurities. Rinse off with warm water or wipe off. Follow with your favourite MÁDARA toner or moisturizer.

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eco cert
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nut free
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cruelity free
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vegan product

Product Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of oil containing skin cleansers?

Oil containing cleanser or cream cleanser (e.g. cleansing milk) usually provides particularly gentle cleansing without stripping skin’s natural moisture barrier. This makes it especially suitable for dry, dehydrated, mature and delicate skin. Oil and emollient molecules help to repair skin’s protective barrier. Innovative oil cleansers also have a texture-changing properties – they turn from oil to milk or gel, to offer benefits of multiple textures: oil molecules bind dirt and impurities, then a splash of water transforms oil into liquid milk that is easy to rinse and leaves skin feeling fresh and light.