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Time Miracle

Time Miracle Ultimate Facelift Day cream

50 ml

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BIRCH WATER accelerates dermal cell division by 25% and protects from free radicals, preventing and reversing both genetic and environmental ageing.*
CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX improves skin elastic-ity and firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.*

Your daily facelift, delivering instant and long-term lifting, tightening and smoothing effects. Intended for sagging skin that has lost firmness. Supercharged with MÁDARA’s proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX, rejuvenating Northern Birch juice, wrinkle-filling hyaluronic acid and light-reflecting particles to soften imperfections. Apply to clean skin every morning.


1 min:  FEWER IMPERFECTIONS, less visible lines, smoother skin1
5 MINIMMEDIATE TIGHTENING effect on the collagen fibre network2, 4
15 MINLIFTED SKIN, less visible lines and wrinkles3
1 HOURREDUCED WRINKLE DEPTH. Proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 26% within 1 hour 4
2 WEEKSRENEWED SKIN. Increases dermal skin cell regeneration by 25% 5, 1

Unique formula based on rejuvenating Northern Birch juice with 0% added water. Birch juice is a revolutionary fluid proven to reduce all key signs of visible aging.
Features MÁDARA’s proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX that directly targets collagen formation, wrinkle blurring mineral particles and algae-based lifting polysaccharides. 

1: Soft focus agent data / 2:Lifting agent in vitro test / 3:Lifting agent clinical test, 17 volunteers age 50 to 65. Analysis of wrinkle depth using fringe projection. / 4: Lifting agent In vivo print analysis by profile measurements / 5: In vitro test birch juice / 6: Consumer report of 35 women, age 30 to 70, 4 weeks

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eco cert
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vegan product

Product Questions & Answers

Is this product 100% water-free?

To achieve ultimate anti-age activity we eliminated the traditional base ingredient – water – from TIME MIRACLE formulations replacing it with Birch juice. Birch juice is a revolutionary fluid proven to reduce all key signs of visible ageing.  In vitro research showed that after 2 weeks of treatment birch juice increases dermal skin cell regeneration rate by more than 25 %. 

What skin type is this product best for?

Ultimate Facelift Day Cream is intended for sagging skin that has lost firmness. 

When should I use this product in my daily skin care routine?

Apply to clean skin every morning. 

How to apply?

Apply a small amount of Ultimate Facelift day cream onto your face and neck after cleansing and toning. If you use Cellular Repair serum, the cream should be applied after it. Massage the cream into your skin in small, circular motions. Can be used around the eye area.   

At what age should I start using this product?

Ultimate Facelift Day Cream is intended for sagging skin that has lost firmness. Start using this product when you notice that face contours become less defined, skin starts to loose it's firmness and elasticity.


To achieve superb skin smoothing effects MÁDARA  has developed a unique CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX  with 7 active ingredients.
Incorporated in each product of the line, the Cell Repair Bio-Complex directly targets collagen formation, supports lifting, regenerates skin and protects against free radical damage.