1. Supreme Hydration Hand cream

    Silky moisture-locking cream. Festive edition!

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    Supreme Hydration Hand cream
  2. Happy Skin Infusion Blanc moisture soap

    Body & hand wash with jasmine and meadowsweet. Festive edition!

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  3. Happy Skin Body & Hand Scrub Soap: Spicy Love

    Body & hand scrub soap. Festive edition!

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  4. Happy Skin Body & Hand Soap: Whipped Snow

    Body & hand soap. Festive edition!

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  5. Happy Skin Body & Hand Soap: Merry Kiss

    Body & hand soap. Festive edition!

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  6. Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
    With jasmine and meadowsweet Learn More
    Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
  7. Mint & Absinthe Moisture soap
    With mint and bitter absinthe Learn More
    Mint & Absinthe Moisture soap
  8. Infusion Vert Moisture soap
    With thyme and lemon balm Learn More
    Infusion Vert Moisture soap
  9. Soothing deodorant
    Aluminium free, hydrating formula Learn More
    Soothing deodorant
  10. Herbal deodorant
    Quick-drying formula, all day protection Learn More
    Herbal deodorant
  11. Bio-active deodorant

    Hydrating formula, all day protection

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    Bio-active deodorant
  12. Anti-cellulite cream
    Delivers smoother skin in 4 weeks Learn More
    Anti-cellulite cream
  13. Protecting hand cream
    Hydrates skin and strengthens nails Learn More
    Protecting hand cream
  14. Sculpturing oil
    Firms and prevents stretch marks Learn More
    Sculpturing oil
  15. Moisturising lotion
    Hydrates, refreshes and smoothes Learn More
    Moisturising lotion
  16. Nourishing cream
    Nurtures, hydrates and softens Learn More
    Nourishing cream
  17. Cranberry & Juniper hand & body soap
    Purifies and nourishes with cranberry and juniper Learn More
  18. Cloudberry & Oat milk hand & body soap
    Gentle cleansing with oat milk and Northern cloudberry. Learn More
  19. Body Soap set
    Northern herbal soap that loves your skin. Learn More
    Body Soap set
  20. Cloudberry & Oat hydrating lotion
    Soft hydration for tender and delicate skin. Learn More