Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover) Flower Extract

Red clover extract is obtained from the flowers of Trifolium pratense. Red clover extract contains phytoestrogens that facilitate the formation of collagen fibres in the skin, thus making it more firm and elastic. Contains polysaccharides that improve skin moisture. The extract is incorporated into MÁDARA's proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX which directly targets collagen formation, supports lifting, regenerates the skin and protects against free radical damage.


Found In
  1. Sérum cellulaire Time Miracle

    Concentré anti-âge intense

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  2. Crème yeux lissante

    Pour un contour des yeux plus ferme et plus lisse

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  3. Crème de jour anti-âge

    Crème hydratante anti-âge pour le visage

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  4. Crème de nuit renouvelante Time Miracle

    Soins de nuit anti-âge

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  5. Ultimate facelift day cream

    Crème lifting instantané pour une peau ferme et radieuse

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  6. Fluide profondement hydratant

    Texture légère, hydratation intense.

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  7. Concentré de Phytohormone Isoflavone

    Rides, ridules, vieillissement cutané

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  8. Masque liftant RE:GENE

    Redonne de la fermeté pour les contours en forme de V

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    Masque liftant RE:GENE
    35,00 €
  9. Lait Auto-Bronzant FAKE IT

    Bronzage progressive, sans traces

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    Lait Auto-Bronzant FAKE IT
    27,00 €