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Vitamin C Intense Glow Concentrate

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About Backstage Ingredients

Give your skin an intense glow shot with this brightening essence, based on a complementary multi-blend of ferulic acid and vitamins C+E.

Due to the strong antioxidant properties, ferulic acid helps to boost firmness and multiplies the skin’s defence against free radical damge, whilst vitamins C+E work to improve skin tone and restore its healthy radiance.

Targets sun and environmental damage, helping to prevent premature signs of ageing – fine lines, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity. Supports collagen synthesis and revitalises dull, tired and ageing skin. Dermatologically tested. 

99% natural origin of total, 13% organic of total.

cosmos natural
cosmos natural
nut free
nut free
cruelity free
cruelity free
gluten free
gluten free
vegan product
vegan product
100% of 100

Ready, set, glow



Here’s the glow you’ve been looking for – thanks to the antioxidant-rich cocktail of ferulic acid and vitamins C+E, this potent concentrate packs a major punch to bring dull, tired skin back to life.

The natural certified formula possesses strong brightening abilities and promotes a more even, luminous complexion, diminishing skin tone irregularities such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots and preventing new ones from forming.

 MADARA Cosmetics



Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots
Brightens and boosts glow
Supports collagen production
Protects against free radical damage

MADARA Cosmetics


confirm improved skin elasticity


confirm a brighter complexion

*Placebo-controlled study, 8 weeks of use in combination with a vitamin C cream.


would recommend to others




The energising formula delivers superior antioxidant support to strengthen the skin’s defence against free radical damage, all while boosting natural collagen production for a more plump, youthful complexion.

Use daily or as a treatment course to help skin recover after sun exposure or dark winter months. For the ultimate brightening treatment, use in combination with Vitamin C Illuminating Recovery Cream to tackle hyperpigmentation and sun damage head on.


‘’Vitamin C plays an important role in protecting the skin against oxidative stress caused by harmful environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke. It also inhibits melanin synthesis and promotes collagen production.

The Vitamin C Cream will help hold back signs of premature aging, while dehydrated skin types or those particularly exposed to environmental stressors would benefit from incorporating the Vitamin C Concentrate into their routine for added protection.’’

Dr Aleksejs Zavorins
Board Certified Dermatologist


Ascorbyl Glucoside

A highly active and stabilised form of vitamin C, possessing excellent skin penetration ability. Counteracts oxidative stress and collagen degradation, brightens dull skin, promotes a more even skin tone and holds back the appearance of dark spots.

Ferulic Acid

Helps protect the skin from free radical damage, preventing premature signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Gently exfoliates and smoothens the skin’s surface, improves skin firmness.


A natural form of vitamin E with skin-soothing and hydrating abilities that promotes radiance and shields the skin against the free radical damage, helping to minimise signs of premature aging.

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