Brassica Alcohol

Plant-based alcohol derived from mustard seed oil. It serves as a softener and a natural hair conditioner.

Found In
  1. Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
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    Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
    $6.75 $13.50
  2. FEED Repair & Dry Rescue Hair Mask

    Nurtures dry and damaged hair

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    FEED Repair & Dry Rescue Hair Mask
    $20.30 $29.00
  3. Gloss and Vibrancy shampoo

    Strengthens hair & boosts shine

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    Gloss and Vibrancy shampoo
    $12.95 $18.50
  4. Colour and Shine shampoo
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    Colour and Shine shampoo
    $12.95 $18.50
  5. Nourish and Repair shampoo
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    Nourish and Repair shampoo
    $12.95 $18.50