Free to dream

A Film by MÁDARA Organic Makeup

Producer Linda Lindenberga
Director / DOP Peteris Viksna
Art Direction Liene Drazniece, Agnese Marksa

MUA Viktoria Breiksa
Style Liga Banga
Sound Karlis Drukteins, Dirty Deal Audio

Our Muses Laura Aizporiete, Jana Civzele, Elina Sturniece, Ernests Smilts, Anelia Nicole Zodeugan, Arturs Aigars

The makeup story

sneak behind the scenes

When the final shades of the long-awaited MÁDARA lipsticks were swatched, a magnetic, earthy colour story unravelled before our eyes. This led us down a path of exploration — of Northern nature, of the relationship with ourselves and others, of our memories and yearnings, of all the versatile experiences that being a human implies.

One early summer morning in 2020, we went to an old dreamlike 15th century Latvian manor to turn this barely tangible thread into a visual experience. We asked the creative team and our muses to share some of their truths.

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From Ancient Egypt to David Bowie – the Boldest Milestones in Makeup History


Makeup as camouflage, as enticement, as provocation, and as a means of self-liberation

MÁDARA x Art Academy of Latvia

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Set the mood

with Velvet Wear-inspired playlists
4 lipstick shades, 4 different moods


Tone set by Paula Tisenkopfa
Co-Founder of MÁDARA

50 min

These statement tracks will groom your self-esteem and evoke beautiful memories to remind you of how cool you really are.

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Tone set by Liene Drazniece
Co-Founder and Art Director of MÁDARA

50 min

Creative storms, travel memories and endless curiosity, all fused together for an intense, unruly experience to give you that extra fuel for the day.

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Tone set by Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere
MÁDARA Founder and Creative Director

50 min

These sensual sounds will nurture your soul, helping to reconnect with your inner powerhouse.

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Tone set by Elina Brukle
MÁDARA Communications

50 min

Embrace the unexpected that feels familiar from the first encounter. Deep beats, husky vocals and sharp contrasts here.

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