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Factory Sale item! ANTI Clean hands spray with alcohol (70%)

$3.20 $8.00
30 ml / 1 fl. oz
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About Backstage Ingredients

Grab it before it's gone! MÁDARA Factory Sale offers certain items with minor packaging imperfections or sooner expiry – I’m one of those.

My expiry date: 10/2022. Please note that we won’t accept returns of the discounted items, marked with the yellow Factory Sale tag.

Discover natural certified, vegan and sustainable hygiene.

This instant cleaning spray for the hands is formulated with 70% pure plant alcohol, moisturising betaine, antibacterial and soothing extracts of cranberry, quince and camomile. Infused with the precious extract of Centella Asiatica, known as the CICA plant, to deliver advanced skin protection and balancing benefits.

100% natural origin of total.

The actual product may differ from the image visually.

NB: due to technical reasons, the product currently comes in a larger bottle (50 ml) than its volume (30 ml).

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cosmos natural
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Small things can make a big difference – practice this simple 6 step hygiene strategy and stay safe!

Supporting local Latvian hostpitals with free hand disinfectants


Fresh off the production line. MÁDARA founder Lotte holds a bottle of the special edition disinfectant spray we’ve donated to hospitals in Riga and Liepaja.


In April 2020, AS MADARA Cosmetics has supplied a number of local Latvian hospitals with several thousands of bottles (100 ml) of FREE alcohol-based MÁDARA professional hand disinfectant spray, specifically developed for medical staff.

We are sending our thoughts to frontline healthcare workers globally – thank you for your helping hands and the enormous work you do to save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Besides being effective, the spray is easy-to-use and small-sized – always at hand or in your pocket.”

The product is not for sale. However, you can shop for MÁDARA alcohol-based hand cleansers and hygiene essentials HERE. Available in limited quantities.

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