INFINITY Drops Immuno-serums

30 ml

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Over thousands of years, the harsh Northern climate has nurtured plants with extraordinary properties. Those deep roots, bitter leaves and gnarled barks have healed wounds and saved lives.

Biotechnology has transformed their timeless wisdom into this immunocompetent serum to reinforce your skin’s self-defence abilities and unleash its true potential.

This refined formulation, based on a unique lactobacillus strain, mushroom beta-glucans, provitamin D and polyphenol essence from the madara plant restricts dehydration, balances the skin’s microbiome and helps to fight oxidative stress. Your skin is left smooth and velvety soft, the complexion is brighter and more uniform. Hypersensitisation and redness is clearly limited.

Suitable for all skin types – especially dry, stressed, sensitized, atopic and ageing skin. Apply to a clean face and décolleté. Follow with a moisturiser. Use in combination with Infinity Mist Probiotic Essence that will support the effects.

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