Sodium Cocamphoacetate

A gentle cleansing agent, extracted from plants. Non-irritant to eyes.

Found In
  1. rose water Purifying Foam

    Removes impurities and makeup

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    Ocean Love Purifying Foam
  2. Soothing Moisture Soap

    Natural hand and body wash

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  3. ANTI 20 SEC Clean Hands Wash

    Discover natural certified, vegan and sustainable hygiene.

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  4. Purifying foam 100ml

    Gently cleanses, removes makeup

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    Purifying Foam, 100ml
  5. Purifying foam

    Deep cleansing, removes make-up

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    Purifying foam
  6. Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
    With jasmine and meadowsweet Learn More
  7. Infusion Vert Moisture soap
    With thyme and lemon balm Learn More
  8. Oat & Linden flower shampoo
    Gentle formula, cleanses and cares for delicate hair and scalp Learn More
  9. Oat & Camomile Gentle wash

    Mild formula cleanses and cares for delicate skin

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    Oat & Camomile Gentle wash